Trevor Gilley is a photographer based in New York City. The warm, humanistic quality native to Trevor’s work reflects his ongoing commitment to learn about and understand his subjects. With this perspective in mind and his camera in hand, Trevor employs photography as a means to document his travels and share these experiences with his audience. In effect, photojournalism is Trevor’s means of reconciling the unique and common traits between all of us.

Warm Hearts of Africa

Warm Hearts of Africa is a book of photographs taken of Malawi in Southeast Africa in the winter of 2012. While participating in an exchange program, Trevor documented his surroundings and the local way of life of the people he met. Taking portraits of the villagers was a particularly moving experience as the camera lens broke down language barriers and showed the beauty of people. The book was a way for Trevor to share his experiences with the supporters of the project. Copies can be purchased at the link below. 



Trevor Gilley Photography
Brooklyn, New York


Warm Hearts of Africa
New York 2013

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